Great neck stretch exercises...
loosen up your neck

Neck stretching exercises are a vital part of your stretching routine.

If your neck is flexible then your posture will be better.

Also... in taekwondo sparring you might take a head hit. And if you do... it helps if your neck is flexible!

neck stretching techniques

neck stretch head tilt

Stand up straight with good posture and pull in your core muscles. And tilt your head to the left.

You should feel a lovely stretch down the right side of your neck and into the top of your right shoulder.

You can increase the stretch by pushing down with your right palm as Neil shows in the photograph.

Hold for ten. Do the other side and repeat.

Now keeping your chin level turn your head to look over your right shoulder. Turn as far as you can.

Hold for 10. Now look over your left shoulder. Repeat.

Feeling good?

Here's a great stretch for the front and back of your neck.

neck stretch head tilt
neck stretch head tilt

Keep your back straight.

And curl your chin into your body.

You should feel a stretch down the to the middle of your back.

Now tilt your head backwards.

You should feel a stretch your under your chin and right down into the middle of your chest.

(This is great for controlling that double chin!)



And hold each stretch for a slow count of 10.

A grest stretch for that area between the back of your shoulders neck

neck stretch head tilt

(We find this stretch brilliant when we pound the computer keys too much writing this site!)

Curl your chin into your body as before.

But this time you turn your head so you are looking at your left foot.

You will have to adjust your position until you feel a lovely stretch extend deep into that problem shoulder area.

Hold for 10. Swap sides.

And repeat.


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