great neck strengthening exercises
here's how to strengthen your neck

Your neck muscles are really important.

They support your upper spine and keep the angle or posture of your neck right. And if your posture is right- you get less aches and pains.

If you plan to compete in taekwondo sparring then neck strengthening exercises are a really good idea. If your neck is strong chances are you'll cope much better with a head hit!

strengthening the muscles at the side of your neck

neck strengthening exercises for taekwond

Stand up straight with good posture and pull in your core muscles.

Now tilt your head over towards your right shoulder.

OK. Now put your right hand on your head as Neil shows here.

Then try to lift your head back to upright resisting against your hand.

You should feel the muscles down the left side of your neck working.

Hold for 5. Relax. And repeat 3 times.

Do the other side.

front and back neck strength exercises

neck strengthening exercises for taekwond
neck strengthening exercises for taekwond

OK now the muscles under your chin.

Tilt your head back and then place your thumbs under your chin.

Now using your neck muscles push down against your thumbs.

Again hold for 5.

And repeat 3 times.

This is a great exercise for toning up that problem double chin!

And in a similar way you can strengthen the muscles running down the back of your neck.

Tilt your head forwards and resist against your hands on the back of your head.

You should feel this exercise working deep into the muscles behind your shoulder blades.

Do 3 sets of 5 seconds.


And after strengthening your neck the next stage?... to stretch it out! Our neck stretch routine is here.

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