My Tae Kwon Do Experience and Tips

by Edward Leonardi
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

My name is Edward Leonardi. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia and I learnt Tae Kwon Do.

First, I learnt TaeKwonDo some years a go when I was small. But now I am staying in Senior High School and I decided to continue my TaeKwonDo from Yellow Belt. I learnt that till yellow belt so I just continued it and the instructor (7th Dan Black Belt) said it was OK.

I will try to remember some techniques. Because I love TaeKwonDo very much, I always have a training for 15-60 minutes each day to practice and stronger my hand, kick, strike, and block. Also some pattern. And I found that I am better than the others student even they entered the club longer than I do. But they are lazy to train their self.

I found a good and excellent instructor which he always paying attention to every student and every single little detail. He always remind me that if there is something wrong with my technique, After I am in a higher belt, I will found difficulty in retrain and relearn that.
I always train my Tae Kwon Do in front of mirror and wearing dobok (Uniform.

Some people asked whether it is important to have a good instructor or not. First, I thought not really important. But now I can see that a good instructor, is a very important part of Tae Kwon Do learning. And I claimed that a good instructor will have to pay attention to every student, every single little details, and every absence.

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