My Marital Arts Journey

by Michael
(New England)

I have been practicing MA since i was twelve years old.

Am now several decades older,(not much wiser). At present i study Tai Chi.

Also spent some time studying Kempo.

Taekwondo was my first style,i always enjoyed the discipline and the commeradery that was encouraged in the Dojang.

Even though i no longer study taekwondo it was the doorway for me into a world that is amazing and ingrained into the fabric of my DNA. I can't see myself not studying martial arts in one form or another.

Thanks to my TKD instructor i learned many valuable life lessons. Regardless of what art i pursue it was TKD that kicked it all off. (pun intended)

Deb's Reply

Hey Michael

Thanks for sharing your story and glad to have you contributing to our pages

Deb :-)

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Jan 08, 2012
Reply to Deb
by: MichaelAnonymous

Deb thank you, this site and one other is really my connection to other martial artists. I am always glad to spend time with others who share a love of MA. As long as what i think will be relevant and positive i will contribute whenever possible.

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