My Life With Taekwondo

by Mutia

My name is Mutia and I'm 10 years old. I had a test yesterday to get a stripe on my yellow belt. I have been doing taekwondo for a year now and i'm still on yellow stripe.

When I first entered taekwondo I was bored with the punches and was more intrested in the kicks. Then I realized that I was better in punches than I was in kicks. I figured that this is because I don't have enough flexibility. I have stiff muscles and can only do about 100 degree split.

For some reason, even if I'm not actually good with kicks, my friends dont want to fight me because they think i'm strong. They said when they foughtt me it hurts when I kick them.

I also have poor stamina and speed. When I run up a low hill, I feel faint halfway.

But still, I love taekwondo! Taekwondo has let me meet new friends, make my body healthy and most of all it makes me take off the stress that I have. Even though I might be not good at I still want to do taekwondo! I promise myself that I will never, ever forget about taekwondo. I really love taekwondo.

Linda's reply
Great story Mutia! You're very fortunate to have the opportunity to start your practice at 10 years old. Keep working on your flexibility and taekwondo and your mind/body/spirit will continue to get stronger. I'm glad you are enjoying your taekwondo. Keep on kicking!

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