My first week of Taekwondo.

by Donald Ngai
(Ypsilanti Mi, U.S.A.)

My first week of North America Taekwondo Academy in Ypsilanti MI was a tough and rewarding experience. I never imagined that the works out would leave me so exhausted and sore, but I love it!

I know my body will get use to all the training, and I can feel myself getting stronger physically and mentally. I am still a little intimidated by Master Sim (5th Dan Black Belt), but he makes me want to train harder.

As a new white belt, I realized that it isn't important to perform every kick and exercise correctly at first, but to just give everything that I have to the training.

I believe that Master Sim is trying to build my body to withstand the workouts, and my form will be easier to practice.

I wanted to learn Taekwondo to get stronger mentally, and believed that gaining physical strength is just a plus.

I admit that during my three classes, there was point that I just wanted to give up. I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be gaining anything but shame and regret.

After each class, I would feel a REAL sense of accomplishment, and that feeling is what makes me want to continue Taekwondo. I know it is only my first week, but I believe that there is so much I can gain from it.

I wish that I started Taekwondo earlier in my life.

Linda's reply
Great story Donald - thank you so much for sharing!

We all felt much like you as we put on the dobak and white belt for the first few classes.

As the journey continues that sense of accomplishment never goes away. You will still have those tough days at training, but you know its all worth it.

You are stronger than you know!

Keep up the training and congratulations for stepping on the mat. Keep us posted on your progress.


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Jan 08, 2013
Best of luck to you!
by: Anonymous

NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!! I started TKD when I was almost 40 and - believe me - every day just gets better!!

I am currently training for my 2nd Degree Black Belt and I wish you luck on your journey!!! Also, at any time when you're training and you feel like you've given everything you've got - you've GOT to dig deeper and give a little more!! You CAN do it!!

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