My 6 year journey with Tae E Lee Taekwondo continues

by Sandy Moran-Monnot
(Ottawa, Ontario Canada )


As you may have already read, my last post was about my long journey to black belt despite many set backs and injuries, broken bone and a couple of deep lung infections that set me back three months each.

I also had written about how Grand Master Tae E Lee of Tae E Lee Taekwondo had helped me heal my broken life and damaged spirit.

In 2011, I was training for my black belt and was supposed to test in early 2012 but tragedy struck again when my Father became ill with lung cancer.

I had to stop training to be with my Father as time was short and my sisters and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. He was living at a hospice and we would go see him every day.

We spent five months dealing with my Dad's lung cancer. My Father was always very interested in my Taekwondo training. He had come to watch testing and had met Grand Master Lee who he greatly admired.

He wanted me to promise him I would go back to class and get my black belt. I said that I would get it that year for sure and he was not to worry! On May 27th my wonderful Dad passed away after his fight with lung cancer with me by his side holding his hand.

One week after he passed away I returned to taekwondo class. I spoke to Grand Master Lee when I returned and told him of my promise. He of course said no problem he would help me make it happen.

I trained several hours a week every week at the dojang and practiced every day at home. I wrote the required essays and written test and worked hard with the teachers and Grand Master Lee and Master Silverman.

Then in September just two months before the test I smashed my ankle in a door and broke three toes ! NOOOO ! was all I could say. I went to the doctor to see if I could train still on the injury he asked about the pain. I said I dont care about pain will it hold me up for kicking ? He said it would so I wrapped it and went back to class.

With the help of Grand Master Tae E Lee, Master David Silverman and the teachers Julie and Pina who came early and stayed late to keep me on track I kept my promise to my Father and passed my Black Belt test on November 15th 2012!

My family was all there to cheer for me and I am sure my Dad was there too!

I am so greatful for everyone along the way who helped me and I am now training for second Dan.

Sandy Moran-Monnot

Linda's reply
What an incredible story Sandy! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your journey and indomitable spirit with us.

It sounds like you train at a wonderful school. Many people would have given up but your determination, love for your father and support from your teachers is a great example of what martial arts can do for you.

We're stronger than we think!

Look forward to hearing about your 2nd Dan grading.

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Jul 14, 2013
That's My Baby Sister!
by: Anonymous

Peter and I were both very proud of you Sandy, Dad and Mom would have been too ! Love Debbie

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