Master Ko's World Martial Arts, Yorktown VA

by Carrol Bronson
(Richmond VA)

My grand-children Ryan, 9 and Jordan, 7 started in Feb. this year and love TKD.

The belt system at their club includes Orange, Blue and Red, like Master Jeon's below, and each belt has several black tape stripes for skills.

The white had 8 and the yellow has 6 or 7. They just got their 4 th on their yellow belt yesterday. They go 2 days a week. A new stripe was recently added to each belt for physical fitness.

Each color must demonstrate good form in a number of exercises, each color adding more reps. I go every week when I can and its so much fun to watch their progress, and their manners : ) grow.

TKD Grammy
Carrol Bronson

Linda's reply

Lucky you TKD Grammy:)

Sounds like a good belt system and I like that they have a focus on the physical fitness as a stand out achievement.

Great photo, thanks for sharing!

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