Martial Art Movies for Everyone

How do you pick the best martial art movies when there are so many to choose from?

We decided that was too hard!

Check out our new list of movies from the 21st century by category.

Whatever your audience, one of these recommended movies should entertain.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy!


I Am Bruce Lee, PG, 2012

A perfect gift for the Bruce Lee fan!

"Genius, magical, limitless, mythological" ...all words used by celebrities and family interviewed for this wonderful documentary.

The 2012 film "I Am Bruce Lee" is a modern interpretation of his contribution to the martial arts film world and beyond.

Bruce Lee encouraged believe in yourself, having faith and expressing yourself honestly. He was an artists who walked his talk!

Produced by his daughter, Shannon Lee, viewers will enjoy original, rarely seen Bruce Lee interviews.

Bruce Lee showcases his personality as a fighter and philosopher giving us better insight to who he was as a person and not just an actor.

Some of the greatest athletes, actors and martial artists give testimony how Bruce Lee changed their own lives.... you'll love the interviews by Kobe Bryant, Mickey Rourke, and Gina Carano.

His legacy lives on and is stronger than ever. 2013 will be the 40 year anniversary of his untimely death at 32.

Shannon Lee is president of the Bruce Lee Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at protecting the star's legacy and offering educational scholarships to "students who... exemplify Bruce Lee's passion for education". Your purchase will be money well spent.

Prepare to be inspired!


Jet Li's Fearless [Blu-ray], PG-13, 2006

This list wouldn't be complete without a Jet Li movie...

Inspired by a true story, Fearless is a beautiful ying yang of ancient and modern philosophies and practices.

Jet Li is a Wushu master preparing for battle against a Japanese opponent and three Americans in a massive tournament to prove who is the superior fighter. The mix of disciplines keep you in suspense!

The back story of the Wushu master's childhood in remote North China circa 1880 give meaning to his character and the journey he has taken making him "fearless".

Beautifully filmed, brilliant fight scenes and some of China's most spectacular scenery make this movie a 2 thumbs up for us.


Warrior, PG-13, 2011

If you are an MMA fan, you will love watching this movie!

If you are a martial art fan, you will love the spirit of this movie!

This gripping story has two brothers portraying the good and the bad son. Well, not even bad, but a tortured and broken spirit.

This film has some great actors - Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte like we haven't seen him for years, and the gorgeous Jennifer Morrison. I guess you could say the whole movie is pretty easy on the eyes except for some gory fight scenes.

Without spoiling it for you, just know you'll not want to leave your seat!


Rush Hour, PG-13, 1998

Need a good laugh?

Everyone loves a good comedy and what's not to love about Jackie Chan!

This hilarious east meets west cop story is the perfect movie if you're looking for funny, easy entertainment.

As with all of Jackie Chan's movies, you still get awesome fight scenes and choreography... you won't see any stunt doubles or trapeze wires either!

The clash of cultures is really funny with a great mix of bombs and bad guys to keep the plot moving.

This movie was released in 1998 but Rush Hour 2 and 3 were released in the 2000's which is why we snuck it on to our 21st century list.

Chick Flick

Haywire, R/MA-15, 2012

If you want to see a women in action, then watching Gina Carano kick some serious booty is just the movie for you.

Fighting like a girl will have a whole new meaning once you watch this film!

This nonstop action movie has eye candy, girl power and lots of bad guys - what more would you expect from a black ops super soldier seeking revenge?

She may be the star but there's a great cast of actors doing their thing too - Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton and Channing Tatum.

Although mostly shot in Ireland, you will be taken all over the world to locations in Mexico, New Mexico, Washington DC, Barcelona, and Majorca.

If you're a female practicing martial arts, her skill and tenacity is definetly something to watch. Gina Carano is possibly one of the coolest chicks alive!


Karate Kid, PG, 2010

The newest Karate Kid is one of those movies your children wlll want to watch over and over again

... and you'll be happy to show it.

Other than the fact that its not Karate at all but Kung Fu, this movie ticks all the boxes for parents.

An honest portrayal of a 12 year old feeling out of place for many reasons which are out of his control - moving countries, adopting to new culture, language, school, bullies... he gets to experience it all.

Through Jackie Chan and finding the practice of Kung Fu, he finds courage, perserverence, patience, self control and his own indomitable spirit. Jaden Smith's Kung Fu technique is pretty impressive too!

The backdrop of Chinese culture, language, and landscape make this not only a movie but an adventure for you and your kids.

Great acting, great story, excellent filmmaking!

If you are one for the original Karate Kid though, you can buy it by clicking here