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kill-bill,martial art movies,martial arts dvds,taekwondo

Kill Bill is Neil's favorite martial arts DVD.

It must be something about beautiful women beating each other up in a fast, action-packed gory movie...

Uma Thurman gets the chance to show off what she can do when she decides to get even after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding.

And of course Quentin Tarantino adds his strange magic with clever camera angles and outrageous humor.

And just to warn you... Kill Bill 1 finishes on a cliff hanger. So have Kill Bill 2 ready to load if you want to know how it all ends.

Ong Bak,martial art movies,martial arts dvds,taekwondo

Ong Bak is based on Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.

The star is Tony Jaa, an incredible martial arts athlete and fighter who pulls off some brilliant stunts, like jumping over a car, without the aid of wires.

As is often the case with martial arts DVDs the plot is a bit thin... but the action more than makes up for this.

And of course like all martial arts movies our hero has to take some serious punishment and come almost to the brink of defeat before he finally wins through. Be prepared for some pretty brutal scenes.

Ong Bak is perfect for you if you like a movie with heaps of action.

iron-monkey,martial art movies,martial arts dvds,taekwondo

Iron Monkey is best described as a fun movie.

Our hero (Yu Rong-guang) is a Doctor by day and a thief by night. He teams up with a wandering herbalist (Donnie Yen) and together they stand up for the poor against the town's governor and an evil monk and his mob.

An unlikely story... but a great excuse for an action scene every 5 minutes!

If you like your martial arts DVDs pure (ie without the aid of wires) then this is not for you.

But if you want to get lost in a fantasy world where our super-hero gives people hope in a time of oppression and shows off his unbelievable martial arts skills...

...Iron Monkey is one to add to your collection.

Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon,martial art movies,martial arts dvds,taekwondo

For us Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon lifts traditional martial arts movies up a level.

Forget plots that are just an excuse for putting fight scenes together...

In this movie the intricate story line is based on a book from a series written by Wang Dulu.

The film focuses on the battles the female leads have with society as they endeavour to find themselves.

And boy do they have some fantastic battles and show off some amazing skills.

In a nutshell this is a fast moving action movie mixed with romance and social commentary. And it's beautiful... you'll love the stunning Chinese backdrops.

Sit down with a few mates one evening and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon will not disappoint.

seven-samurai,martial art movies,martial arts dvds,taekwondo

Here's an another martial arts DVD with a bit of meaning behind it...the Seven Samuri.

The Samuri are down on their luck and agree to help a village to defend themselves in return for food and board.

The movie builds to a huge battle between the village and around 50 bandits.

The most interesting aspects are the interactions between the Samuri and the villagers as they teach them how to fight and try to instill what it means to be a true Samuri.

If you want to understand something about the 'Do' or 'Way' of martial arts the Seven Samuri will teach you a lesson or two.

OK that's part 1...

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