What does Martial Art Philosophy mean? And how can it affect You?

What does martial art philosophy mean?

Let's start with the philosophy part.

Here's one definition of philosophy...

'the love and pursuit of wisdom'

yin and yang

So getting wise (or wising up!) Gaining experience, knowledge, good judgment. Becoming alert and aware.

We like the sound of that!

So does taekwondo have anything to do with wisdom? Surely you can't get wiser through kicking and punching?

Our experience is that taekwondo has heaps to do with wisdom!

First up we are now physically fit. We feel well.

And because we are fit and well... our minds are more alert and more open to learning. We take in new information more easily.

Second. Our awareness improves. We learn how to read human body language. How to avoid dangerous situations. And how to keep ourselves safe.

Third. We find starting something completely new and very difficult in the middle of our lives is very good for our humility and opens our minds.

How's that?...

Well...there we are. Doing well. Working hard in successful careers.

Thinking we know lots. With lots of people asking us questions and looking up to us.

We think we are so clever!

And then we try taekwondo. And we realize pretty quickly that there are lots of things important we know very, very little about.

It's a shock to realize that huge parts of ourselves are very under developed.

We open our minds. We talk less and listen more. Our masters teach us to look inside and battle with our egos.

We travel to Korea. And we absorb the martial arts philosophy of some incredible masters. And as we gain more taekwondo experience. We gain more knowledge of ourselves and others.

And lastly our judgment?...

...it changes. We judge others less. And our judgment of what's important changes.

We start to value ourselves and our time more. We look after our health. We make time for each other.

And we stop the relentless pursuit of money and material things.

Here's another definition of philosophy...

'a system of values

by which one lives'

Each martial art philosophy is slightly different.

Ours are the taekwondo tenants. Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.

A great set of ideas that help us through life.

And in the end we're not even sure it's a conscious process.

We embrace taekwondo. And the martial art philosophy embraces us.

We just live it. We train. We listen. We absorb the good stuff.

And the philosophy, 'do' or way of life becomes part of us.

And when martial art philosophy becomes part of you?

Life takes new turns!

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