Your Martial Art Gear - how to Choose, Wear and Care for Your Taekwondo Gear

This section of our site is your guide to martial art gear.

We let you know what taekwondo equipment we find useful so you don't make expensive mistakes.

We guide you on how to look after your stuff so it lasts longer.

And we describe how to wear your tkd gear so you look the part in the dojang.

Once you've been training a little while most clubs expect you to buy your own sparring gear. It's expensive so you need to choose carefully.

Here's our guide choosing the right tkd sparring gear for you.

For WTF taekwondo you'll need a chest guard, chest protector or hogu.

Here's some more detailed information about your taekwondo chest protector

And once you're bought all that expensive gear it's worth looking after it! Here's how you care for your taekwondo sparring gear.

Do you want to wear taekwondo shoes just occasionally for seminars and demos?

Or are you planning to wear them regularly for indoor and outdoor training?

Do you know what the circle on the sole is for? Or how the sizes work?

Our guide to taekwondo shoes helps you choose the right shoe for your particular circumstances.

Your taekwondo uniform is also called a dobok. To look the part in Dojang you need to make sure it's clean and pressed.

You also need to be sure it's the right size. Here's our guide to choosing and caring for your taekwondo uniform including a sizing chart.

If you are going to wear anything under your uniform we suggest you take a look at compression gear as it stays dry during training and reduces muscle fatigue.

And for ladies? A good, well-fitted sports bra is essential for protecting your assets!

And once you've go your martial arts gear you need a bag to put it all in. Here's some tips for choosing your taekwondo gear bag including a packing check-list for tournaments.

Are you looking for martial art gear to help you train. There are so many targets and pads on the market it can be hard to know what to choose.

In our taekwondo equipment guide we help you to find the best training aids to help you progress.

Kick bags let you get a fantastic workout and condition your legs and feet without needing a partner to train with.

If you're looking for a kick bag routine or thinking about getting a bag for home workouts here's our guide to kick bags.

And finally as you get a bit more advanced in your taekwondo training. You might well find you spend more time on the floor!

Break falls and grappling are a great extension to your basic taekwondo skills. Here's our guide to martial art mats

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