Marefath High School Taeckwando ITF

by Mohammad Ali
(Warangal, AP)

For the first two months I practiced without a belt then I got white belt. After some months I got yellow belt, then green belt, then blue belt. After completing three years practicing, I got red belt then I practiced for red belt 3 months only. Unfortunately then I left the club because I came from my hometown ( Kabul Afghanistan) to India for studying purpose. Its been three years since I left ITF.

white belt(9th)
yellow belt(9th)
green belt (8th)
blue belt (8.5th)
red belt (...)

Linda's reply
Thank you for your story. Your belt system is slightly different from others I have heard of especially training with no belt for 3 months. That's very interesting.

You have earned up to red belt and that will always be part of you. Taekwondo will also always be in your heart and you can continue your journey when the time and situation presents itself. There's an old proverb "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Best of luck in your studies!

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