Machine Gun Kicking Drills

by Kevin Kreckel

First do a good warm up and then a really good stretch.

Then do about 20 or so of each kick front, side, round house...

Do them slow concentrating on execution and control to really warm your muscles up!

Do a light shake-off then assume a front kick chamber and execute 20 front kicks as fast as you can....still maintaining good form.

Then side kick....then round house (each leg)
do about 5 sets of 20.

This exercise benefits by maximizing the fast twitch muscle fibers strengthens the hip flexors and builds excellent blindingly fast kicking techniques.

Debs Reply:

Hi Kevin

Great contribution. This exercise would certainly benefit taekwondo players wanting to build good kicking technique combined with strength and speed.

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Sep 28, 2010
by: kevin kreckel

hey thanks for the good reviews and feed back on these everyone!
and i wish to say thanks to deb for having this site it it a great help on our journey!
kevin kreckel

Jul 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Your right on target with this one. I just tested for my gold belt, And yesterday I had the privilege to get some one on one training with my instructor and he ran me through this drill.
Excellent work out

Jun 04, 2010
Great exercise
by: Tiago

Hi Kevin.
Thanks for posting this exercise. Seems like a very good one I surely need to try it. I've been experiencing some pain on my leg and hip and still haven't quite figured out why. Maybe this sort of exercise is what I am lacking. Good job!

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