Leg Raiser

by Zara Ali

Lie on your back and life you legs up at 90 degrees. Keep them there for a minute and make sure they are always straight the whole time.

Then lower them a couple of inches from the floor and keep them there for a minute before you raise them back up again. Remember to keep your legs straight.

Repeat this 3 times after a warm up

This exercise works on your lower abs and toughens them up.

Deb's Reply

Hi Zara

Thanks for submitting this exercise. It's a great exercise for building core strength.

However this is quite an advanced exercise. If you are a beginner or if you suffer from lower back problems I would start with more basic exercises for your lower abs.

Reverse curls are good. You can see me demonstrating these at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again Zara :-)

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