Leadership MA - TAGB (in 2009) under Master Danby

by Sam
(Oxfordshire, UK)

White belt - 10th Kup

Purple belt - 9th Kup (Chon Ji pattern)

Orange belt - 8th Kup (Dan-Gun)

Yellow belt - 7th Kup (Do-San)

Green belt - 6th Kup (Won-Hyo - but I performed Yul-Gok)

This is as far as I got in 2009, I had to stop training for reasons outside my own control but am starting again either this week or next week with a new school where the belts are in a different order between white belt and blue belt. The rest of the belts in my old school went like this -

Brown belt - 5th Kup

Brown belt/white stripe - intermittent grading

Blue Belt - 4th Kup

Blue belt/red stripe - 3rd Kup

Red belt - 2nd Kup

Red belt/black stripe - 1st Kup

Black belt - 1st Dan

Although I no longer train with this school I have yet to see this belt order anywhere else so I thought it would be useful to post up as I have heard some schools deliberately set different belt orders, in order to distinguish themselves from others.

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