Kylle Payne

by Kylle

Reaching blackbelt is always a huge milestone, but after that its back to the drawing board.

When I obtain first Dan/Poom last month( on the Friday 13th) I was excited. 3 years plus finally gave me the chance for this accomplishment. In our grading system, we do not have to test for hours long or run for miles, or even spar a lot of people, but we did taeguk forms, board breaking , no contact sparring, and choreographed self defense. That was the toughest part of my exam requiring us to practice months prior.

Prospective testers had a 6-8 month portfolio and were assigned a community project of our choice that would also be approved by our instructor and the kukkiwon. I hope they enjoy snow pops as my family helped me make over 300 pops to beat the summer heat after a good workout.

On testing day, I didn't have the time to be nervous as I was being cheered on by everyone in my dojang. After the test my partner and I were told we received very high marks ( not bad for someone who was out of shape before starting up again 3 years prior).

We also got a weapon set used only by blackbelts which included: a wooden sword, wooden sword with scabbard, nunchuks (2nd degrees use two) and a case to hold all of them.

One thing I am a little sad about is the huge costs of getting a blackbelt by the kukkiwon but then again its pretty awesome to know that I didn't buy my belt, I earned it.

I thank God, my instructors Master Lee and Master Yoo, my friends and family, and finally, my Dojang, Master Lee's Martial Arts... KYAAAA!

Linda's reply

Congratulations Kylle on your 1st Dan! Thanks for taking us through your test and experience to achieving your black belt. Your Masters are very generous to award you with weaponry as well.

Best of luck on your continued journey - Jung Shin Tong Il!

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