Kwon Strike light Tkd Shoe

I paid £58 for these Kwon Strike light shoes from these equipment suppliers in the UK and the shoes were too big despite being the right size on the packaging and on the shoe.

Since using them my knee has started hurting because of the over soft sole giving in too much and I have done 2 hard training sessions and the sole has completely worn away on one side. (I know i train hard but that wearing out so fast is crazy)

The company said they would only give me a refund if they could see a fault with the shoe as it was sent and could possibly get nothing back.

I am the founding member of Karma Active which helps kids overcome bullying in school through Taekwondo we're giving 65% back to the community.

I hope someone can let me know of any good tkd shoes as well please as my feet are a right state from these shoes!!


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Aug 11, 2010
the stripes
by: Anonymous

Always go with the stripes when you get anything Tekwondo addias.

Aug 11, 2010
Shoe referal
by: David Fiscus

I personally use MOOTO Dikan Martial Arts Shoes. Our Master uses Adidas Adistar Fight Taekwondo Training Shoes, which are the Rolls Royce of Taekwondo shoes. They are pretty expensive, but should hold up to intense workouts. These can be purchased through Amazon's website.

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