experience a Korean bath house and you enjoy total relaxation- sheer bliss!

After a few days of intensive training on our Korean Taekwondo tour.

Our muscles were starting to protest.

A lot!

A visit to a Korean Bath House was our taekwondo Master's perfect prescription.

Deb and Leah's Korean Bath House experience

After saying 'Bye' to the men. And a welcome shower us taekwondo ladies hit the baths.

We started with a fabulous bubbling spa. It was sheer bliss to slide our aching shoulders under the warm water. And feel the water jets massage our tender calves.

None of us moved for at least 10 minutes.

But then curiosity got the better of us. We tried the green tea bath. The jasmine bath.

Oh yes.

And the strawberry bath.

Each was deliciously fragrant. And each was as blissfully relaxing as the one before.

Some of us didn't make it any further than the the warm baths. Others tried the saunas and steam rooms. Followed by the optional cold drench shower.

We lost track of time. And we felt fantastic. All the tension had drained out of our bodies.

Eventually we reluctantly dragged ourselves out of the water. Put on the clean, soft cotton pyjamas provided.

And padded barefoot along the warm, smooth granite floor. Leading to the communal rest area. And dinner with the lads.

Facts about Korean Bath Houses

Bath houses are really popular in Korea. They're open to anyone.

And you see all ages there. From the very elderly to young babies.

Everything you want is already thought of.

Towels, shampoo, hair driers, moisturiser... You name it. It's on hand.

You can get an exfoliating body scrub. A massage. Beauty treatments. A healthy meal. A workout. Even a bed for the night.

A huge mix of people visit the Korean bath house.

Business people. Families. And groups of friends.

All enjoying the health benefits of the spa.

One note though- the baths are strictly a no clothes area-(the sexes are segregated).

So be prepared to get your kit off! The Koreans certainly aren't shy.

Dinner and a Sleep

One we were dressed it was great to catch up with the lads. They looked very clean. And very chilled.

We sat together and devoured a lovely Korean meal. Most of us had Biminbab- simple, delicious and incredibly healthy.

Want to know more about the delicious food in South Korea? It's all here.

Then some of us used the Internet. Some tried the massage chairs. And others explored the various treatment rooms.

And the rest of us just chilled and chatted. And sipped green tea.

Before we knew it. Is was midnight. And cold and raining outside.

It was a taxi ride back to the hotel.

Or we could stay where we were.

We didn't need to think hard! Mats and pillows are free. You just choose a spot on the heated floor. And crash out.

And in the morning. You can have another relaxing spa before you head out.

And the cost of all this? Including the meal. And a nights accommodation.

10,000won! That's about $10AUD. Or $7US.

As we said.

A visit to a Korean Bath House is amazing!

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