Korea and taekwondo... a fantastic experience!

What's it like to train in Korea? The home of taekwondo.

The best description.


Quite simply...


Korea and taekwondo filled us with passion and determination like we've never known before.

When you train in Korea it is impossible to escape the energy and enthusiasm of the Masters and their students.

And despite the fact that we ranged from 4th Dan to 8th Kup.

Every single one of us on our tour benefited hugely.

Here are some of our best memories of Korea and Taekwondo.

Korea gave us a warm welcome!

Korea and taekwondo, Korean taekwondo tour

Everywhere we went in Korea.

We felt incredibly welcome.

The airport greeting was great.

A number of Master Park's students traveled for over an hour to meet us.

It was the same in every Dojang.

We immediately felt part of whatever was going on.

And in towns.

Strangers would stop us in the street.


And shake our hands.

It left us with a lovely warm feeling.

Korean taekwondo masters have extensive knowledge

Korea and taekwondo, Korean taekwondo tour

We were consistently humbled by the depth and breadth of knowledge held by the Korean Masters we trained with.

It seems that many Korean Masters have taekwondo as their base.

And then.

While they continue their taekwondo training and teaching.

They continue to study.

And develop other areas of knowledge.

Like Master Park Kil-Jun who teaches Hapkido and Yongmoodo at Yongin University.

And Master Yong Nam Kim who is a 1st class Yoga instructor and chiropractor as well as a 7th Dan in taekwondo.

Korean Masters have extensive knowledge of the human body.

They were great when any of us was injured.

Rushing to help with healing hands.

Master Park Kil-Jun also taught us some great massage techniques.

Which were sometimes a bit painful!

But great for relaxing our sore muscles.

Korean Dojangs

Korea and taekwondo, Korean taekwondo tour

Korean Dojangs have great flooring!

We are used to training on matting which clicks together like a jigsaw.

It's a bit grippy so we sometimes find it difficult to turn our bottom foot when we kick.

The flooring of Korean Dojangs has a sealed layer of vinyl over the top of soft matting.

This provides a soft floor. Which is wipeable.

And your foot can turn easily on it as you kick.

And there are no joins to catch your toes in.


Korea and taekwondo means fun!

Korea and taekwondo, Korean taekwondo tour

Korean Dojangs seem to be centres of the local community.

Fun places to hang out.

Master Yong Nam Kim's Dojang is in Daewol.

A small town about an hours drive from Seoul.

It's right by the local school. And it's very obvious when school has finished.

Because suddenly the place is flooded with children! And they seem to spend the whole evening there.

Watching classes. And using the second practise Dojang.

And clearly having fun.

Similarly Master Park Kil-Jun's Dojang in Seoul provides a place for teenage students to hang out and practise in the evenings.

These young people are incredibly dedicated.

And they have already reached great standards in their taekwondo training.

And they are also lovely young people. Who couldn't do enough for us.

our Korean taekwondo tour brings friendship

Korea and taekwondo, Korean taekwondo tour

And so.

Through Korea and taekwondo.

New friendships have formed.

We have all been in e-mail contact with friends we made on the tour.

We look forward to welcoming our Korean friends to Australia one day!

Maybe we can teach them to surf? ;-)

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