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This system is kinda weird, but...

For each of the belts (except white belt,) all the belts have three black stripes: the first denotes the one steps are learned for that belt, the second denotes the student can get out of various grabs/holds for that belt, and the third denotes that the form has been learned.

White Belt

White Belt with a black stripe, stipe denoting the student has the basic kicks and puches learned.

White Belt with two stripes.

White Belt with three stripes.

White Belt with four stripes.

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt with one stripe.

Yellow Belt with two stipes.

Yellow Belt with three stripes.

Orange Belt

Orange Belt with one stripe.

Orange Belt with two stripes.

Orange Belt with three stripes.

Green Belt

Green Belt with one stripe.

Green Belt with two stripes.

Gteen Belt with three stripes.

Purple Belt

Purple Belt with one stripe.

Purple Belt with two stripes.

Purple Belt with three stipes.

Blue Belt

Blue Belt with one stripe.

Blue Belt with two stripes.

Blue Belt with three stipes.

Brown Belt

Brown Belt with one stripe.

Brown Belt with two stripes.

Brown Belt with three stripes.

Red Belt

Red Belt with one stripe.

Red Belt with two stripes.

Red Belt with three stipes.

Red-White belt

Red-White Belt with one stripe.

Red-White Belt with two stripes.

Red-White Belt with three stripes.

Red-Brown Belt

Red-Brown Belt with one stripe.

Red-Brown Belt with two stripes.

Red-Brown Belt with three stripes.

Red-Black Belt

Red-Black Belt with one stripe.

Red-Black Belt with two stripes.

Red-Black Belt with three stripes.

Black Belt.

Linda's reply
That is different and so many belts. It sounds like you would have a lot of gradings/tests which will make you strong in mind/body/spirit. Thanks for sharing!

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