Kids from Shaolin

by Tiago

Kids From Shaolin

Kids From Shaolin

Hi. Today I decided to post a movie that I've seen many years ago (still on VHS). It was lent to me by my first Taekwondo instructor and back then it had quite an impact on me.

As usual, it is a very light-hearted movie with a confusing plot. A former Shaolin monk, along with his brother, took in 8 kids that became orphans when their village was attacked, and started teaching them the Shaolin style Kung-fu.

On the other side of the river, lived an aristocratic family, that only had daughters and practiced the sword fighting art, the Wudang stye. These two families are rivals, despite the fact that some members of both families are secretly in love.

Everything becomes more complicated when one of the Wudang's daughters starts learning Shaolin kung-fu...

The bottom line is that the fighting scenes are long, acrobatic and intense. Especially because this movie involves Jet Li. If you are a fan and have enough patience to sit through a Chinese Kung-Fu flick, Shaolin Temple 2: Kids From Shaolin is very funny and entertaining.

Deb's Reply

Hi Tiago

Thanks for another great review - I've not seen this one but it sounds like we should add it to our collection. :-)

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