Kick Bag training - let your taekwondo kicks go!

We love training on a kick bag. We can put full power into our kicks and strikes.
And we don't need to worry about hurting a pad holder or opponent.

  • On this page we explain why training on a bag is good for your fitness, strength, speed and endurance.
  • We offer with some great workout options.
  • And we give advice on choosing a the right bag for you.

Building power and conditioning your shins

Kicking a bag allows you to kick really hard without hyper-extending your knee.
And repeated powerful kicks on a heavy bag will condition your shins and feet really well.

It's important to relax and let your techniques flow. It you tense up to produce power you will fatigue and you are more likely to get injured.

Remember to breathe out on every kick.

Low level turning kicks are ideal. Try a minute of full power thigh kicks on each leg.

If you work with a mate you can take turns. That way you get a minute to rest and encourage your partner.

We find this exercise really strengthens our hip muscles.

It's a great anaerobic workout to do once a week outside of your normal martial arts training.

The best bags for taekwondo kicks are heavy and long.

Heavy so you can kick hard.

And long so you can kick low and high.

This 72 inch heavy bag is ideal.

It's very similar to the one in our Dojang. Perfect if you have a strong ceiling.

Building speed and endurance with a partner

Is your back kick straight?

We love to practise our back kick on a bag. If you kick a block pad as it's easy to over-do it and hurt your pad holder.

But with a bag you don't have to worry.

And of course you'll know if your back kick isn't straight... because the bag spins away.

Here's another great routine to try with a partner.

Stand on opposite sides of the kick bag and take turns to do a roundhouse kick. Switch legs after each kick.

The idea is to kick as soon as you can after your partner kicks.

Try to keep pushing each other to kick faster and faster.

The kicks don't need to be powerful but try to make sure your technique is right each time.

Try to do 3 sets of 1 minute. In time you can build to 2 minute 'rounds'.

This exercise builds your speed and kicking fitness. Great for sparring training!

Let your Stress Go!

What if you have nowhere to hang a bag?

And if you can't hang your bag from the ceiling...
The next best options is a free-standing bag with water or sand in the base.

This bag from Wavemaster will take any punishment you want to dish out!

And finally...

...fight the bag!

Once a week or so we love to give the kick bag a good pounding.

A minute or two of throwing everything at the bag- roundhouse kicks, spin kicks, back kicks, punches, elbow strikes- whatever you feel like is a fantastic stress buster!

It's a brilliant workout which builds your fitness and strength while you have fun.

Remember to keep your guard up at all times as it you are in a real fight. That way you won't develop bad habits.

As Bruce Lee said "Kick bags don't hit back!"

Great advice!

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