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by Leroy

At home

At home

At home Practicing Me an my daughter practicing

I would first like to say there are so many different belts systems it sometimes get all to confusing. However here is the belt system we use at our school.

With Master Jessie Cho

White Belt Kibon 1 Poomse
Yellow Belt Kibon 2 Poomse
Yellow Belt/strip Teageuk 1
Orange Belt Taegeuk 2 (broken down form for better focus)
Orange Belt/stripe Taegeuk 2 (complete form)
Green Belt Taegeuk 3
Green Belt/Stripe Taegeuk 4
Blue Belt Taegeuk 5
Blue Belt/Stripe Taegeuk 5 (complete form)
Brown Belt Taegeuk 6(brooken down form for better focus)
Brown Belt/stripe 6 (complete form)
Red Belt 7(brooken down form for better focus)
Red Belt/stripe 7 (complete form)
Black Belt Candidate 8
Black Belt Koryo

Two month advancement if you have at least 16 day within two months of training.

I'm a 2nd Dan Black Belt with Kukkiwon
And 3rd Dan in School

Deb's Reply

Hi Leory Thanks so much for getting in touch and the great photos. Good to see you training with your daughter - as those who follow this site know I'm big on family taekwondo :-)

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