Joseph Isaiah Perea

by Joseph Isaiah Perea
(Mesilla, New Mexico, USA)

My black belt is a statement that says hard work, and Determination will pay off for you in the Journey we call Martial arts.

It also means you never gave up on yourself or your teachers words, advice and teachings. When I Got My First Degree my Instructor told me, you are opening a door to a new beginning even though I didn't understand what he meant at that time I think I do now.

Even though that it kinda meant I master the basics it was time to open the world of more advance techniques and challenges, because without a challenge why do what you do as a black belt you agreed a long time ago that even when you feel you cant or you wont be able to do something always remember that saying that the world is a cruel nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you their if you let it because it doesn't matter how hard you hit it is how hard you get hit and keep moving forward because if you don't what is the point of what you did in the past to get where you are today if you just going to give up now and also the meaning of the black belt is that you are mature also were impenetrable to the darkness and Fear.

I know I have much to learn and possible I might have Little time or a lot of time it depend on things I really don't have time to worry about I just need to realize that to become a great Martial Artist I must act, feel, and be one as a sense of no one can get to be a great if all they think is I am great Martial Artist because I am this rank.

Rank doesn't have any meaning as to how great you are it is the attitude and skill that tell people why you are a great Martial Artist not rank.

Rank is just a Rank nothing more just something to be acknowledge when the time is right. A true black belt knows when to fight and when to stay silent.

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May 28, 2015

by: Deborah

Yep well said!

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