J H Kim Taekwondo Institute, SIngapore

by Natasha Franks
(Seaforth, Sydney)

All the Instructors at J H Kim have amazing athletic talent and humility.

The owners are a husband and wife team (Santos and Arlene Rivas) who have achieved high rankings in taekwondo competitions.

Also, as a female, it is encouraging to witness another mother of three children, training through her pregnancies.

All the instructors are very welcoming to all levels and all ages and work tirelessly to perfect the teaching at their schools.

My head instructor was Lai Han Seng who was a National Teakwondo champion and an extremely humble and patient young man.

I feel very privileged to have began my taekwondo journey with them.

Deb's reply

Thanks Natasha- this sounds like a lovely martial arts school. We love to hear about clubs where families are encouraged. We find that husband and wife teams bring great balance to a club.

Many thanks for telling us about the JH Kim Institute.

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