I've still got It!

by Tiago Costa

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy today. Yesterday was my first tournament in years (as a competitor). The people of my academy all journeyed to our neighbour Spain (Coruña) to participate in a tournament that happens once a year.

Last year we got first place in teams with 145 points. This year we won again with 190. It was a pattern tournament, but in the end they decided to make a little game opened to everyone who wanted to practice, according to age.

After all those years of "unfitness" and gaining weight I managed to jump far and break the board 3 times, as the distance increased on each time. This is the picture of the first. I got second place in the tournament, but doing this little stunt was what made me happier than ever...

...I've still got it!

It was a very fun moment, especially because all my friends cheered me.

I wanted to post a picture of the entire team but I have to ask permission to everyone first. Still it's a little blurry but I'm darn proud of it! :D

If Tae means jump, fly, hit with the foot, this was my Tae moment :D

Oh and the credits for this photo are for my good friend and red belt in Hapkido, José Sousa.

Happy flying kicks everyone!

Deb's Reply

Hey Tiago

All I can say is Awesome! Well done you!

Flying taekwondo kicks are really tough and it's great to see you in action looking so cool.

It sounds like the competition was a great team event and no doubt by testing yourselves and coming through the test you will all be inspired to reach the next level.

Thanks, as always, for a great contribution - I know many readers of this site are inspired by you.


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Nov 15, 2010
by: David Fiscus


I was so thrilled to see your post about your tournament accomplishments. Very few things are as rewarding as to accomplish the feats you train so hard for. Super job meus amigo.


Oct 25, 2010
by: Tiago Costa

Hi Deb.
Thank you for your kind words, it is always a great pleasure for me to contribute to this site. The Technique Festival of "As Pontes" was a sort of Taekwondo celebration, it was a charity event reverting for the ONG, and it promoted the good relations between people who practice the art in Portugal and Spain. It was incredibly fun and lighthearted and it was an honor to see Taekwondo celebrated in such a way.
Whenever I can, I'll post something about my academy who proven to be a second family to me. Every moment that goes by I'm more pround to be one of them :D

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