ITF TKD - international taekwondo federation

ITF TKD is a strong traditional taekwondo style.

Techniques are powerful and stances are long.

Most ITF schools teach basic kicking and striking techniques, patterns (tul), breaking and self-defense.

History of ITF TKD

ITF TKD,international taekwondo federation,General Choi Hong Hi

General Choi Hong Hi developed taekwondo as a system to train the Korean Army.

In 1966 he formed the international taekwondo federation.

After his death in 2002 the ITF has splintered due to political in-fighting.

Here's some of the splinter groups you might find useful.

One branch of the International Taekwon Do Federation is based in South Korea.

The International Tae Kwon Do Association is a non-political group started in the US in 1974.

You may also have heard of ATA tae kwon do. It is the the American tae kwon do association.

This group use different forms and everything is very standardized. For you as a student this means each school has comparable standards.

Here's some general advice for you if you are choosing a taekwondo school.

What ITF tae kwon do involves

ITF TKD,international taekwondo federation,taekwondo

Breaking is a big part of the syllabus at most ITF clubs.

It's a great way to test your technique and to build confidence in what you can achieve.

We're always amazed when we see our boards in pieces on the floor!

Head here for help with taekwondo board breaking.

In traditional ITF tae kwon do there are 24 patterns or tul developed by General Choi.

These patterns are a great way for you to learn and practice your basic techniques.

As you study patterns they get into your deep muscle memory and become quite meditative to perform.

Here's our free itf taekwondo patterns downloads to help you learn.

ITF TKD,international taekwondo federation,self defense,taekwondo

Learning to defend yourself is an important part of any taekwondo training program.

ITF tae kwon do self defense is about moving to avoid the attack, blocking and then finding a way to disable the attacker while you make your escape.

This keeps you safe. And you learn to deal with confrontation.

This builds your self confidence and develops your self esteem.

If you want to learn more self defense techniques here's some great information we've put together for you.

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