Learning ITF taekwondo patterns? Here's all the help you need.

Here's our guide to the ITF taekwondo patterns.
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  • We tell you about the meaning and history of each tul.
  • We give you links to full written instructions.
  • And we include our favorite ITF tkd pattern downloads so you can follow each move.

In ITF taekwondo there are 24 patterns. They are known as tul or taekwondo hyung.

The first few patterns are very symmetrical. So first you do the moves to one side of your body and then you repeat them on the other side.

These first few tae kwon do forms introduce you to the basic stances, blocks, strikes and kicks. The tul gradually get more complex as you work through the belt system.

As well as practising you basic techniques, learning your taekwondo patterns helps you develop focus, balance and co-ordination.

As always take your time and learn each tae kwon do form slowly. It's best not to move on until you are very comfortable with the form you are working on.

Click on the links below for the taekwondo pattern downloads and links to full written instructions. Have fun!

Your yellow stripe pattern Chon-Ji

Your yellow belt pattern Dan-Gun

Your green stripe pattern Do-San

Your green belt pattern Won-Hyo

Your blue stripe pattern Yul-Gok

Your blue belt pattern Joong-Gun

Your red stripe pattern Toi-Gye

Your red belt pattern Hwa-Rang

Your black stripe pattern Choong-Moo

More detailed information about the history of the itf tul at IMT

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