I Just learned what TaeKwonDo is all about!

by Aoife

It's not about becoming a black belt, or being the best

Its about learning and perfection, becoming at one with the "Do"

I used too look at the black belts and envy them, but why, because they started years before me and worked their butts off...

That's no reason to envy them at all. They were white belts like me once.

Now I have learned, you could stay a white belt for your whole life if you didn't mind, once you perfect your movements and listen to your master, be respectful and be a true TaeKwonDo student, that's all that matters.

At the end of the day, a belt is a colored piece of material around your waist. That's it.
its is a reward, not a goal.

I have learned, the belt is not what you should strive for, if you put in passion the belts will follow.

TaeKwonDo is all about Learning.

I Believe that even when you are a GrandMaster, byou can still learn and perfect the "Do".
The journey of learning never stops.

TaeKwonDo is with you for life but you have to stick with it.
And that is the beauty of it <3

Deb's Reply

Hey Aoife

So glad you've learned all that so early in your journey. This area of the website is the bit I love most - so so many of you give so much to help others learn.

Deb :-)

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Dec 17, 2012
It is the journey to true enlightenment
by: Bruce Isaachsen

You are correct about the belts. The only time I concern myself with belt color is during sparring.

A higher belt than me may have more tools or be able to use the same tools I have more effectively.The belt colors indicate a progression.

You start with earning your white belt. If you kept training and never changed belts it would get darker and darker since you would never wash it.

As it gets so worn to turn black, as you continue you will notice it starting to turn gray and then white as it frays and wears. I noticed my master;s belt the other day and discovered his is turning gray.

So it is a circle, you start at white belt indicating innocence and inexperience and return to white belt indicating a full circle to true enlightenment.

However, I do hope to earn my black belt before I am 60. I am 58 now and a brown stripe belt (3 belts away). I plan to continue for life.

Linda's reply
Beautifully said Bruce, sounds like you have the heart of a black belt already. Best of luck on your journey. You are and will be an inspiration to so many and especially the more mature student - I'm right there with you as a turn 50 next year.
Jung shin tong il!

Dec 11, 2011
by: Mike

Glad to hear you say that. A large number of people think the belt is the goal as somone else stated the belt is regognising all of your hard work. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the ride.

Jun 25, 2011
You've realized something wonderful
by: Tiago

Hi Aoife!
I was really happy and moved for seeing what you have just realized. That is the most important achievement that you can accomplish in your Kup phase, which is only the preparation for the true path that you will walk when you reach black belt.
You've said "if you put in passion the belts will follow." from the 70 students that train at my academy only those who realize the same thing you've just said will make it all the way. The belt is but a mere recognition of your master for your effort, and when you finally reach black belt, it means you have the necessary tools and knowledge to follow the road by yourself, and one day, to teach others. I've just become a 1st dan two weeks ago. It's been 14 years since I started my path, and I do know that it will never end, so here I must quote the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow "Bring me that horizon!" because you can touch the horizon your journey will be over. This might be something to meditate about. Real Taekwondo has no limits, can't be detailed in books about official techniques for the World Series. It can't be measured, judged or quantified, it is on everything you do and that you learn, invent, or discover and bring into your own Way (Do). So keep it up, remember this and you'll see that this journey will be the most wonderful and fulfilling that you can ever have.

Jun 23, 2011
it's the journey that matters
by: David Fiscus

When I was sitting in our locker room after class one day I heard someone ask a 2nd Dan blackbelt what was his goal? I listened in earnest for his reply, and I was not disappointed. He told the young man that the belt was not the goal, it was the byproduct of the work. His goal was to constantly learn and to always strive to better himself. I liked this answer, and I have adopted this philosophy as my own.

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