ITF taekwondo patterns - your 8th pattern Hwa Rang

Hwa Rang is the 7th of your ITF taekwondo patterns.
You learn this form for your taekwondo red belt.

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  • We tell you about the meaning and history of the form.
  • And you can learn the moves from taekwondo patterns videos by Jaroslaw Suska (5th Dan).

This pattern is named after the Hwa-Rang youth group. This group improved Korean Martial arts in the early 7th Century. They added mental discipline and more hand techniques and helped Sillia defeat the other 2 Dynastys.

There's more information here about the origins of taekwondo if you need more detail.

The form has 29 movements. This relates to the 29th Infantry Division of the Korean Army. They were commanded and trained in taekwondo by General Choi in 1953.

This pattern contains 2 traditional turning kicks.

For this kick you need to pull your toes back and the strike with the ball of your foot.

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