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There's no way round it. The history of South Korea is scarred by war.

Before the great World Wars, South and North Korea were joined together as one big dynasty. The Joseon Dynasty.

Then in 1910 Japan invaded Korea. And stayed until 1945.

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Once Korea was free from Japanese rule. The Soviet Union and the United States of America took over.

And argued about Korea's future.

The North of Korea was influenced more by the Soviet Union. And the South by the USA.

And in 1948 a straight line was drawn along the 38th parallel.

What does that mean?

Well Korea was literally divided in 2 by a straight line drawn at 38 degrees North of the equator.

And South Korea was born.

Peace was short lived though. North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. And the Korean war raged for nearly 4 years.

So much war left South Korea a poor country. But South Koreans were determined this would change.

Governments invested in education. And the people worked hard. And the result was massive economic growth.

South Korea is now one of the richest countries in Asia. And home to giant companies like LG, Samsung and Hyundai.

If you spend time in South Korea and especially in Seoul. The wealth is obvious. There are huge shopping malls. Selling wide ranges of sparkling, expensive goods to well-dressed people.

So is South Korea at peace now?

Well we got the impression that like most people ravaged by war. South Koreans are looking for peace.

However at the moment peace looks to be a long way off. Relations with North Korea are tense to say the very least.

We sincerely hope not to be writing about more war when we review South Korea's history in coming years.

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