How about a hip stretch? - Korean style!

We love the generosity of the Koreans. We are on a night-time taekwondo fitness session in Seoul. We ask Master Kil-Jun Park if he can explain a couple of hip stretches from an earlier session. And before we know it we are in the middle a hip stretch master-class.

These exercises are quite advanced. Make sure you are warm first and have a basic level of flexibility before you try them. If you're new to stretching you might want to try our basic stretching program and read these general stretching tips first.

Start with a variation of a runner's lunge

hip stretch,stretching techniques,taekwondo

First do a variation on a runners lunge. Have your back foot in side kick position. And your front foot turned out at 45 degrees.

Now drop your hips down towards the floor as much as you can. And push your knee out. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

And then rotate it round

hip stretch,stretching techniques,taekwondo

hip stretch,stretching techniques,taekwondo

Now leave your front foot where it is. Rotate your back foot onto your heel. And drop your hips again.

If you can stretch as far as Master Park we're jealous!

Try putting your foot on a wall to stretch your hip joint

hip stretch,stretching techniques,taekwondo
hip stretch,stretching techniques,taekwondo

For a standing stretch put one foot on a low wall with your toes facing outwards. Then push your hips forward. You should feel a great stretch in the ligaments around your hip joint. Do the same with your toes pointing inwards.

Do you want to develop strength in your box splits stretch?

hip stretch,stretching techniques,taekwondo

It's important in taekwondo that you are strong as well as flexible.

So when you practice your box splits stretch try to take your body weight in your legs.

Try not to lean forwards onto your hands.

Once you're as low as you think you can go try pointing your toes out. And then take your weight up onto your toes.

Hold for 10.

Then come back onto your heels- sliding out just a bit more.

Then finally put your hands behind your back and slowly walk your feet in.

This stretch develops strenght and flexibility together. Have fun!

Deb's tips for increasing hip flexibility

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