hip strengthening exercises
'get more power in your roundhouse kick'

The muscles around your hips are fabulous! They are massive muscles with the potential to be incredibly strong. Most of us don't use them enough.

For peak performance taekwondo do these hip strengthening exercises twice a week. Your tkd kicks will steadily get more powerful. And you'll also help to protect your back and knees from strain.

Start with slow leg swings

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Stand sideways against a wall and check your shoulder, hip, knee and foot are in line.

Then keeping your outside leg straight, slowly lift it sideways as high as you.

Hold for a second at the top. Then slowly control you leg down.

As you do the exercise make sure your hip, knee, shoulder and foot stay in line the whole time. It's easy to roll your hip forwards as you get tired.

Work up to 15 on each leg

Next try leg pulses

OK go back to your first leg. Get into the same position and lift your leg as high as you can.

Then use your core and hip muscles to lift your leg just one inch more.

Then drop it one inch and raise it one inch. You can to do these little lifts quickly- like little pulsing movements.

Try to work up to 3 sets of 20 pulses.

Next... slow kicks

hip strengthening,peak performance taekwondo,taekwondo

Now back to your first leg. In the same way as before lift your leg as high as you can.

Then keep your thigh and knee where they are. And bend your leg so your foot comes towards your butt.

Make sure that your shoulder, hip and knee stay in line. And keep your foot below the height of your knee.

Bend and straighten your leg 15 times. Work up to 3 sets on each leg.

As you get better at these exercises think about engaging your core.

If you keep your body upright and stretch your toes away from you, you will strengthen your core as well as your hips.

It's important that you stretch before and after your hip strengthening exercises. Have fun!

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