Heath family martial arts story

by Jennifer
(Louisiana, USA)

We enrolled our 7 year old son in Taekwondo due to a bullying situation. After reaching green belt level, he wanted to quit. But since we appreciated the self defense skills he needed (an still needs!), my husband promised that he would do it with him as soon as tax season was over.

So shortly after April 15, he went to sign himself up...but came home and told us he had signed the whole family up instead. My girls and I were extremely dismayed and hesitant and scared, etc. etc. etc. But we agreed to give it a try. Some of us fell in love with it immediately, some grew to love it over time. It has become such an important part of our daily lives that we cannot imagine how we lived without it before.

Deb's Reply

Hi Jennifer

Great to hear from you and congratulations! You have made a brilliant decision.

In my experience very few children make it past green belt....


Because it gets tough at this stage and kids find it hard to find the perseverance they need to keep kicking.

And the best way parents can increase the chances of kids making it all the way to black belt and beyond?...

...is to kick with their kids!

There is no way our daughter Leah would have made it to black belt unless we trained with her. There were many times she wanted to quit but because it was a family thing we all did she kept training.

So good for you... and let us know more about how your family taekwondo journey goes - you will inspire others!

Oh yes and we'd love to see a picture of you all!

Deb :-)

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