Could Hapkido Training Change Your Life?

On this page we take a look at hapkido training.

We explain what's involved in this great Korean martial art.

We reveal what hapkido could do for you.

And we review a great hapkido school.

Ever felt like flying through the air?

hapkido training,martial arts

One of the hapkido essentials is learning to throw an opponent.

It's great to be able to side-step an attack, apply a lock, and throw the attacker down onto their back.

And really skilled hapkido players do this incredibly fast. The attacker is looking at the sky in the blink of an eye!

But is hapkido in not just about throws.

hapkido training,martial arts

Hapkido means the 'art of co-ordinated power'.

And as well as learning locks and throws, students also learn to kick, punch, block and strike.

As with all martial arts it's a life long study.

And to become a master takes years and years of dedicated practice.

So if it takes years to become a master why bother?

hapkido training,martial arts

Hapkido training brings you huge benefits.

You gain aerobic and anaerobic fitness. So your heart and lungs work better. And your body gets stronger.

This combination helps you cope with every day life more easily and you feel more positive in yourself.

You stretch and your body becomes flexible and you are less likely to get injured.

One of the hapkido essentials is learning to defend yourself.

And during this training you face tough mental and physical challenges.

The process helps your self confidence and self esteem grow.

And in time a new you emerges!

So how do you find a good school?

hapkido training,martial arts

It's simple...

You take a look a the master.

In this photo you can see Master Matt Geister of Northern Beaches taekwondo testing the strength of one of his senior students.

But the trick to knowing that he is a good master...? to watch him with beginners.

We were lucky enough to see Master Matt working with junior students at a recent martial arts demonstration.

The young students had to jump and perform a cat roll.

Each and every time a beginner took their turn Master Matt took the time to check they were OK. And he gave them a few words of encouragement and a smile.

You could see he was just as proud of these students as he was of the black belts.

So when you look for a school....?

Find qualities like this in the head instructor and you've struck gold!

You can reach Master Matt Geister through the Hapkido Australia web site

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