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Men listen up!

It's a fact that most of you have short hamstrings. Sitting on chairs and running don't help. And did you know that testosterone makes men naturally less flexible than women?

Your short hamstring muscles can pull on your pelvis making it tilt. This in turn can give you grumbling lower back pain.

Do this hamstring stretch routine regularly and you can drastically reduce lower back pain. And you'll get less sports injuries.

And of course if you train in taekwondo and want to achieve that high axe kick- you need to get going with your stretching!

here's a standing hamstring stretch

hamstring stretch,stretching techniques
hamstring stretch,stretching techniques

Make sure you warm up before you stretch. Now put your foot on a wall or bar. Find something that is a comfortable height for you. It doesn't matter how low that is.

OK now stretch your arms up high into the air. And then stretch forwards. Try to keep your back straight.

You should feel a stretch in the back of your thigh. Stretch as far as you can and hold it.


Try to think about relaxing the muscle. Hold for 10. (20 if you can.) And come back up. Try one more and then do the other side.

Next have a go at a sitting stretching technique

hamstring stretch,stretching techniques
hamstring stretch,stretching techniques

OK try this.

Sit down with your legs straight out in front of you.

Now bend one leg up as far as you can with you knee out sideways.

Then reach up high and stretch forwards.

Try not to bend from your waist.

Instead try to stretch forwards from your hips.



And hold for 10

Repeat. Then do the other side.

Isometric stretching with a partner might work for you

hamstring stretch,stretching techniques

This is a very effective hamstring stretch. You need a partner you trust and you must communicate with each other.

It's important that your partner doesn't stretch you too far.

Lie on your back with your pelvis level and straight. Lift up your right leg and keep it straight.

Get your partner to hold down your left leg and pelvis and put their shoulder behind your right leg. Now ask your partner to very gently push your right leg straight back towards your head. Keep your leg straight.

When the stretch starts to become intense ask them to stop there.

Now the isometric part. Gently use your hamstring muscle to push your against your partner's shoulder for a count of 5. And then relax.

Now ask your partner to push gently once again to increase the stretch on your hamstring.

Wait 10 seconds. Then repeat 3 times.

You should find that after the third set your hamstring stretch is much better!

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