Great Lakes Global TaeKwon Do

by Mitchell Gorsha
(Sylvania, Ohio)

Great Lakes is a ITF/US-ITF school, under Master Robert N. Wheatley, 8th Dan, President of the US-ITF. The owner and head instructor is Mrs. Carol Van Zile, 6th Dan.

I began learning TaeKwon Do 20 years ago, and only a month or two before Mrs. Van Zile started. Unfortunately, I left the art for 10 years after we both tested, at the same time, for 1st Dan.

Mrs. Van Zile continued her training, competing locally, nationally, and internationally, before opening her own Do Jang and training her own students.

Great Lakes has had tremendous success competing internationally, and is widely regarded as an excellent school that produces martial artists of the highest caliber.

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