Grandmaster Dong's Advance World Martial Arts

by Rachel
(Kernersville, NC, USA)

White (9th gup)

Yellow (8th gup)
Orange (7th gup)
Green (6th gup)
Purple (5th gup)
Blue (4th gup)
Brown (3rd gup)
Red (2nd gup)
Red/black stripe (1st gup)
White/Black Stripe (Called Bo-dan)

I graduated to Red Belt this morning.

The best part about my martial arts journey thus far is definitely finding my abilities as a person. Martial arts has not only developed my body physically but has also helped my mind spiritually.

The hardest part about martial arts has been working to keep focused on the present and not about my future in martial arts.

Deb's Reply

Great work Rachel - keep it up you're nearly up to black belt now!

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Apr 01, 2012
Cho Dan Bo
by: Anonymous

Your provisional dan rank is called a Cho dan bo, Enjoy it. This represents your maturing into a martial artist and at the same time allows you time to understand the responsibility that you are undertaking.


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