Full body training

by Gorgan Razvan-Florin

Hello. I find this site extremely useful,I received a lot of taekwondo information and help so I'm trying to help too.


I wake up every day at 6:30 am (without Sunday and Saturday).

I make my natural juice in a blender (banana,kiwi,orange,apple,carrot and yogurt). then I wait 30 minutes because isn't healthy to do training immediately after you ate.

Then I start my training:

1) Warming up,I'm not stretching now.

2) Running.I have fixed a point to reach outside of my town 4 km away. So I run 8 km (in total).I like to run outside of my town because there I'm just me and myself :D,this is the place where I find the peace.

3) After running I relax for about 5 minutes then go to the soccer stadium where I do push-ups first on flat hands, then on my knuckles and finally on my fingertips.

Then I do push-ups staying on my knees for punching speed.

Then I do ab exercises,here are some pictures


reverse crunches


After ab exercises I train my triceps
here is a picture

4) After this I run stairs here is a picture

5) After this I start the stretching exercises.
Here are some very good with stretching exercises that I do

6) Now I'm starting to do taekwondo kicks,and what is very important is to simulate them slowly
and after 10 repeats you can do this faster

7) After these I do some pull-ups. After the pull-ups I do some push-ups on my knuckles on concrete.

8) This is my all training. I hope you find it useful .

Thank you again TAEKWONDO-INFORMATION.ORG and thank you for the authors.

Deb's reply

Hi Gorgan

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your taekwondo fitness training schedule - you've included some great resources and I'm sure our visitors will find the information really useful.

Thanks again

Deb :-)

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