Food in South Korea is healthy and balanced.. And it tastes good!

How was the food in South Korea?...


...we were on a taekwondo training tour.

Which meant several hours of hard physical taekwondo training every day.

We needed good nutrition.

And lots of it!

A great excuse to spend lots of time trying South Korean food!

Food in South Korea Family Home

South Korean people eat out a lot. There are restaurants everywhere in South Korea.

All serving great food.

At great prices.

We ate everywhere from up-market restaurants to university canteens.

From local family cafes in small towns to private Korean homes.

And it didn't matter where we ate. The emphasis was always the same.

Healthy food. Bursting with great flavor.

Served with the warmth and care so typical of the Korean people.


If you go to South Korea try a Korean barbeque

For those with very hearty appetites. And for the kids on the tour.

The most popular food in South Korea was the Korean barbeque!

The system is simple. You help yourself to raw meat and fish.

You can go for the plain options.

Or choose meat or fish marinated in delicious spicy sauces.

Then you choose from the massive variety of accompaniments.

Food in South Korea - Korean Barbeque





And every kind of fresh green leaf you can imagine.

You cook the meat at your table on the barbeque in front of you.

Then wrap it in a green leaf. Spread on whatever delicious sauce you feel like.

And then you pick the roll up with your fingers.

And enjoy!

Korean biminbab - the ultimate health food

Biminbab has to be the ultimate health food! It's is a great dish we ate regularly on our taekwondo tour.

The best ones come in very hot stone or metal bowl.

In the bottom is a variety of gorgeous vegetables. With small amount of deliciously tender meat. And a raw egg broken over the top.

It might sound a bit odd at this stage but bear with us!

You get a bowl of hot steamed rice which you add to the meat, veg and egg. With chili sauce if you want.

And then you mix it all together with a spoon.

And because the bowl is so hot. The egg cooks.

And the rice toasts slightly and becomes deliciously crispy.

Biminbab bursts with flavor and health.

We savoured every mouthful!


Food in South Korea Family House

Winters in South Korea are pretty cold.

So in the past vegetables weren't always available all year round.

Kimchi is pickled vegetables.

And in days gone by kimchi provided Koreans with vegetables through the long winter.

And kimchi became part of the Korean diet.

Now of course vegetables are more freely available all year round.

But in Korea kimchi is still served with every meal.

Kimchi takes a bit of getting used to.

But we came to love it!

Food in South Korea Makes You feel Good!

Food in South Korean Barbeque

Our other favorites were.

Seaweed soup. Deliciously fresh tasting and full of nutrients.

Samgaetang. A whole chicken cooked in individual pots with rice. It leaves a fabulous thick gravy in the bottom of the bowl.

Seafood soup. Full of wonderful shellfish and vegetables.

And lots and lots of noodles. Which Neil ate on his birthday as in Korea noodles represent long life!

And the best thing about the food in South Korea?

Was how great it made us feel.

We ate loads. So we had bags of energy for taekwondo training.

Yet we felt very light.

And fantastic inside.

All we need to do now.

Is track down a good Korean restaurant back home!

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