Folding Chair Chambering Exercise

by Kevin Kreckel
(youngsville,pa usa)

First start by doing a warm-up,

then a good stretch. I think you should always do this before a work-out.

Then get a folding chair and place the chair against a standing bag with the back facing you. Place it just far enough away to allow you to just make contact with the bag

Then get in a front stance and do slow controlled
front kicks over the back of the folding chair
concentrating on the chamber execution and re-chamber of the leg. Do 3 sets of 10 each leg, repeat for side kick and round house kick.

This exercise benefits the individual by
forcing a high chamber position for each kick.
also strengthens the hip flexors and develops good form form in your taekwondo kicks.

Deb's reply

Thanks Kevin for submitting this exercise. I agree this is a great way you make sure your knee stays high throughout the kick. And of course slow kicks help build strength.

Thanks for submitting this suggestion.

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