Fitness Program

by Kristian

First start off with a short, gentle warm up, for example skipping rounds. Then do 100 low running kicks (get someone to hold a pad just below knee height) as fast as you can, followed by 50 knee ups and 50 change forms. Next, follow up with 20 inch in, inch out change form combinations as fast a you can.

Take a short break.

For the final part of the fitness exercise do one minute of continuous running kicks, followed by one minute of insteps/flurries, a minute of squats and finish with a minute of lunge squats.

This is great for improving leg strength as well as cardiovascular fitness.

Thanks Kristian - I feel my heart rate increasing just reading this! I like your warm up because it incorporate techniques that will be used in your training with pads, sparring and poomse. You will have to let me know what "flurries" are:)
Jung Shin!
Linda Renouf

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Mar 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Flurries are pretty much continuous double insteps where one foot leaves the ground as the other touches. To get used to it, start with insteps first.

My instructor used to make us do this a lot and this fitness routine is based upon her fitness style of teaching

Linda's Reply:
Got it! We call those shuttle runs or shuffle kicks. Thanks for your response.

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