Female taekwondo players, gentle, strong women

Female taekwondo players have some big advantages over their male counterparts.

Really? We hear you asking.

Isn't taekwondo all about physical strength?

Well the simple answer to that.

Is no.

Good technique is far more important than physical strength in taekwondo.

And often women learn good technique more quickly and easily than men.

Why's that?...

Well for a start women on the whole tend to enter the Dojang with smaller egos. And less pre-conceived ideas about martial arts.

So they are more open to new ideas.

Women often accept that the learning process will take time. So they usually don't get down on themselves as much as men do. When the kicks don't go right first time.

So while the men are beating themselves up for getting it wrong. And tensing up. The female taekwondo players are just having another go.

Women are often more flexible than men. It's a biological thing.

Kukkiwon, demonstration team, side kick

Unless men stretch during puberty, testosterone plays havoc with their flexibility. Whereas women have the advantage of hormones like progesterone which actually relax ligaments and muscles.

Of course anyone can get flexible through hard work. It's just that most men have to work a lot harder.

And it goes without saying that being flexible is a massive advantage in taekwondo. Even a mid section turning kick requires a reasonable level of hip and groin flexibility.

When it comes to taekwondo sparring and self-defense women can take advantage of their softer, female energy.

When men take hits. Especially in the early stages of training. They will often get angry. And rush back in. And get hit again.

If female taekwondo players are able to overcome the fear of sparring (see later). Then they are often more in tune with their opponent.

And they can use their softer approach to move out of the way of danger. And deflect aggression away from themselves.

We all know that women are great multi-taskers. So when taekwondo poomse requires us to do three different things at the same time. Women can often progress more quickly.

The disadvatages of being female

Most boys get involved in rough and tumble in the playground. Or they play sports like rugby and take a few knocks.

Many girls on the other hand grow up less used to dealing with physical confrontation.

(Of course taekwondo girls get a head start in this area!)

So when it comes to taekwondo sparring. Many female taekwondo players are terrified at first. Whereas the men often take it all in their stride.

Kukkiwon, demonstration team, breaking

Facing up to fear is a huge part of taekwondo training. Fear is something we can overcome if we are prepared to tough it out.

And the process of putting yourself in a fearful situation. And not quitting. And coming through.

Is incredibly empowering.

So for women being fearful. Is a disadvantage. That can be turned round to a positive with enough determination.

Now strength.

Of course women are less physically strong than men. So if women take men on in a battle of strength. Then chances are they'll lose.

Every time.

The trick is not to do that. Great women in taekwondo take men on using their female strengths.

Using great technique. Great timing. And female energy to deflect that strong male energy.

Great taekwondo women are very strong and very gentle

Through taekwondo training. Women get physically fitter and stronger.

And by toughing out hard training sessions and facing their fears. They also develop huge mental strength.

The great thing we've seen about the fantastic female black belts we've trained with.

Is that the strength is an underlying thing. They can use it if they need to. And they can turn on aggression if they really need to.

But the strength of great female taekwondo players is hidden underneath a layer of gentleness.

They are calm, composed, feminine women.

With a deep inner self-confidence.

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