Family taekwondo...train together - learn together - grow together

On this page we tell you why we think family taekwondo is so fantastic!

We share some of our taekwondo family experiences.

And we explain how training as a family can benefit your children.

And benefit You!

Our best family taekwondo moment

Family Taekwondo Passing First Family Belt Test

The best moment for us as a family in taekwondo was.

Without doubt.

The day we passed our first belt test.

Our instructor called each of us up in turn.

She spoke quietly to us. And told us how pleased she was.

And she gave us some tips and encouragement. As she tied our new belts round our waists.

And as we stood together having a photo taken. We just couldn't stop grinning.

From ear to ear.

All 3 of us!

We worked hard to get our belts.

And we were proud of ourselves as individuals.

And proud of each other.

It was a great family moment.

Our family martial arts journey had begun.

We've had many, many more great taekwondo moments over the years. Times where we've laughed and celebrated together.

And times where we've toughed it out through long training sessions together.

And training with our child. Means this....

We Get It!

We understand that taekwondo sparring is scary.

We understand that taekwondo patterns are incredibly hard to master.

We understand how important etiquette is.

And respect.

And discipline.

And because we get it...

...we can be there with the right support and encouragement when training gets tough.

In fact.

Leah told us that she would have quit early in her training. If we hadn't been training in taekwondo too.

Family taekwondo centers

Our clubs in the UK and Australia are both family tkd centres. So we always enjoy at least one family tkd class a week. Where adults and children train together.

We love these classes.

Obviously the adults have to take great care. To make sure that no kicks go astray. But the great benefit of these mixed classes. Is that students develop respect for people of all ages.

Adults can appreciate that younger children take time to learn to co-ordinate their bodies. And to develop concentration. And taekwondo parents are realistic about what their children can achieve.

Taekwondo kids know how hard taekwondo training is. And they are impressed that their parents are having a go at something so difficult.

Relationships develop with other taekwondo families. And friendships grow. And the children feel nurtured and cared for by adults other than their parents.

All of this makes family taekwondo a positive experience for everyone concerned.

It strengthens relationships between families. And within families.

And sets good exercise habits for young people. To take forward into bright, healthy futures.

Most family tkd centres run family social events. Like movie nights. And Christmas parties. These are great occasions. We can socialize with fit people. In a healthy environment.

Here's our guide to choosing the right taekwondo school for you.

Taekwondo competitions as a family

Taekwondo competitions are a good challenge.

And because we all enter. We're not just sitting watching Leah. We're having a go ourselves.

We've even done synchronized poomse as a family. Which was a great laugh!

We support Leah. And we are proud of what she achieves.

And Leah is proud of us. And what we achieve.

And because we do family taekwondo.

We can practise together.

So for taekwondo competitions and gradings we can work as a team on the things we find tough.

Each of us has strengths.

Deb often remembers poomses.

Neil is great at remembering self defense moves.

And Leah?


She's good at all of it!

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