Great facts about South Korea - there's more here than taekwondo!

Our South Korea trip was an amazing experience.

We were on a taekwondo tour. Which meant we really mixed with the Korean people.

We visited towns and rural areas. We met children and adults. And we were welcomed into people's homes.

We had a brilliant time!

And we learned our facts about South Korea first hand.

Our top 10 facts about South Korea

South Korea is a beautiful country full of beautiful people

South Korean Pictures Baby

Korea is a beautiful country.

And it's full of surprises.

We've put together a couple of pages of our favorite images of South Korea.

We hope you enjoy them.

On this first page you can see some stunning Korean people. Traditional Hanboks. And a beautiful Buddhist temple.

On this second page there's pictures of East Gate temple and Cheonggyecheon at night. You can also glimpse into North Korea!

South Korea is a very young country

One of the interesting facts about South Korea is that it's a young country. It's only been a separate nation since 1945.

That's not even 70 years!

And yet since 1945 South Korea has seen spectacular economic growth.

Want to know more? Here's our history of South Korea.

South Korea's flag is bright and colorful with deep meaning

South Korea Flag taekwondo dojang

The South Korean Flag is bright.

And colorful.

With deep meaning.

And South Koreans are quite rightly very proud of it.

More about the meaning behind the striking South Korean Flag

South Korean food is fabulous!

South Korean Food Korean Barbeque

The South Korean diet is delicious.

And good for you!

South Koreans eat lots of rice, noddles and vegetables.

With small amounts of meat.

The emphasis is on fresh, healthy food.

With lots of flavour.

We loved it!

More about delicious Korean food.

A visit to a Korean bath house is bliss

Time spent chilling out in a Korean Bath house is an absolute must do on any South Korean trip.

We loved our visits. Especially as we had aching, sore muscles from taekwondo training.

Korean bath houses are luxurious. Relaxing. And cheap.

More about the our blissful Korean bath house experiences

South Korean art is quirky and fun

South Korea Art Female Sculpture

South Korean art was an interesting and pleasant surprise.

We had no idea it was so good!

We especially loved the street sculptures.

And the comic martial arts performance 'Jump'.

More South Korean Art

Education is the key to South Korea's economic boom

Education in South Korea Chung Cheong University Building

One of the facts about South Korea is that education is the key to her post-war success.

South Koreans have spent lots of money on education.

And the people have worked hard to make use of their education.

We were lucky to spend time at 2 universities on our tour.

Here's what we learned about education in South Korea.

Our South Korea Index

Here's a great site about life in South Korea. Valerie and Griffin are living and working in South Korea- and learning taekwondo!

Want to know more? Here's our top ten South Korea Facts.

History of South Korea.

South Korea flag.

South Korea food

South Korea Pictures 1

South Korea Pictures 2

Education in South Korea.

Korean Bath House. Sheer Bliss!

South Korea Art

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