Enter The Dragon

by Jeanne
(Knightdale, NC)

What does anyone say after they say Bruce Lee?

This was my first martial arts movie and I've been a fan of the genre ever since. Yes, eye candy helps but here was a disciplined and dedicated artist practicing an ancient art.

The absolute physical control combined with the clear line of demarcation between good and evil (um & yang) engaged more than just the thrill of watching the movie. The movie inspired me to look deeper into the philosophy of the martial arts. Years have passed and I still love this movie. There's a justice about the good guys winning in such spectacular fashion.

Deb's Reply

Thanks Jeanne - great review :-)

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Jul 21, 2010
Bruce Lee
by: David Fiscus

I first saw Bruce Lee in the short lived (26 episodes 1966-1967)TV series. Though not the top billed star, his dynamic gung-fu style as Kato, absolutely stole the show. We had never seen anything like him or his incredible fighting style. So fast, so quick, so powerful...and done with such style, flair and grace.

So by the time his movies were released in the USA, he already had a fan base, that wanted much more. Sadly he passed away far too soon from this world, I suspect the best was yet to come.

Below is a link you might find interesting. Bruce Lee's screen test for the part of Kato in the Green Hornet.


Bruce Lee also did a TV interview on the Pierre Berton show. It is posted in 3 sections on YouTube. Bruce discusses his philosophy. Way ahead of his time.




There are quite a few other videos of Bruce Lee posted to www.YouTube.com for anyone interested in learning more about this great martial artist.

Jul 20, 2010
The Dragon
by: Tiago

Enter the Dragon was the first Bruce Lee movie that I have ever seen. My dad, who highly influenced me on practicing martial arts, and is a huge fan of Bruce Lee showed it too me. He belongs to that generation that watched a little bit too many martial art movies :D therefore he practiced various martial arts and boxing and was great with nunchaku.

My dad has a lot of respect for all that Bruce Lee accomplished and that for me is enough to recognize the man as a great martial artist. There is a lot which is said about him but I think his movies are good and have that "thing" which martial arts movies nowadays lack. They captivate the viewer and have very good fights.

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