East Coast Taekwondo - Australia

by Phil
(NSW, Australia)

* White Belt

* Yellow Belt
* Yellow Belt with blue tag
* Blue Belt
* Blue Belt with red tag
* Blue Belt with 2 red tags
* Red Belt
* Red Belt with black tag
* Red Belt with 2 black tags
* Red Belt with Black stripe
* Black Belt

I am currently yellow belt with blue tag.

Taekwondo is a fantastic sport and martial art. It pushes me to improve my physical and mental fitness and continually provides challenges. I practice with my 7 year old son who loves sparring (although with dad he doesn't seem to keep it non contact!)

Hardest part has been improving my balance and flexibility. It has been over 20 years since I've practised a martial art and boy do I feel it!

Deb's Reply

Hi Phil

Great to hear from you and good for you for training with your son. It's clear that kids who train with their parents are far more likely to make it all the way to black belt.

Enjoy your journey together and thanks again

Deb :)

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