Double Promotion!

by Aoife

I had my taekwondo belt test today.

I was testing for yellow tag.
so my name was called and i did my pattern and the the Sahyun asked me some questions, he asked me what the yellow belt of taekwon-do signifies.

I thought this was strange and a bit advanced but i answered it correctly any way :)

Later when we were lined up the master began with the results saying there was something special after happening, that there is a double promotion today.

Thinking it was one of the talented youngsters I glanced around, then my name was called and my breath went!

Looking around at smiling people clapping and whistling i was struggling to breathe.

My master said I was excellent and shook my hand and said I'll be well able for the hard work ahead.

I can honestly say my taekwon-do is now set in stone and i will never ever quit until I'm old and frail! :)

Deb's Reply

Hey Aoife

Congratulations! A double belt promotion is a great achievement - all your hard work is paying off!

Keep kicking and do everything you can to live up to the belief your master has in you

Deb :-)

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