Devin Worths Tae Kwon Do

by Devin Worth
(Derby Ks USA)

I started taekwondo when I was 5 years old I was like most kids doing more playing then kicking.

My first instructor was Master ChitWood. He was a great instructor to me but I was a horrible student. I would always play around in class and when I would test for my belt I would make a fool of myself and blame by instructor.

Eventually he asked my parents to take me to a different school, I now see why. Then I started at another school and most of the same things happened at this school. I would play, always use the bathroom to take a break, and talk back to the instructors. I got a little better but it took years, then a small light come over me...

I saw Master ChitWood at my school as a substitute I tried to tell everyone he was my first instructor. But when I came to him with all my friends around me and he denied ever being my instructor. It made me look like a fool but looking back i probably deserved it. Then after that I tried even harder in taekwondo, my kicks were higher my Kihups were louder, but it wasn't for the right reasons.... I was doing it to fight and to show off, I didn't tell the instructor I had at that time, who was Master Decou.

He told me one day that there was going to be a tournament at the school, I attended, but I was arrogant - all I wanted was a metal to show of to everyone. What I didn't know was Mstr ChitWood attended the the contest and saw me fight. I got second place and when I looked over at Mster ChitWood I thought he would be proud of me, but he gave me that look like he was still angry with me.

Then soon after that I was still in Tae Kwon Do but I was not trying like I did, I started getting into fights. I soon in 2008 got sent to jail breaking a guys noise, then a year after I went to a Mental health facility(insane asylum). Then soon after I got out I had to switch schools, then when I was there I started showing off again not for the same reason this time though.

This time I was doing it because I was scared so I thought if they new I was a good fighter they would leave me alone. But I almost ended up getting into a fight anyway and soon after when I was 16 years old, I had watched a guy younger than me and that had only been there for three years win the TKD nationals. And I had an epiphany of all the bad things I had done and I was determined to make it up to every in life and in my soul.

My heart was now in the right place but I was not willing to change something really important, my lifestyle. See at that time I was 16 and weighed 300lb, 55-60% of it was muscle but it was a sign that I was living an unhealthy life style. Then a little while after I had got in a car wreck and was nearly killed, then I realized that how I treated others was more important than how I looked to others. So soon after I went to the state competition, and I swore to my self that I would do it for my family, my friends, and most importantly my First instructor Master ChitWood.

P.S.:I won the Kansas state championship 2011 in my weight class at Black Belt level, my Trainer and currant instructor Master Decou. Also I still practice taekwondo today and I always will for the rest of my life.

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